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How to Get Speaking Gigs (and How to Crush It Once You Get It) With Charley Valher
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Acquiring speaking engagements is an amazing way to spur the growth of your business. For first-timers, finding those gigs and presenting like a professional can be stressful, especially if you don't know how to prepare for it.

Today, we're once again joined by Charley Valher, co-host for the podcast and Founder & CEO of Valher Media. We get into some valuable insights on speaking on-stage for the first time, give tips and advice on creating and giving a good presentation, and common mistakes people make during their talk. We also talk about honing in on key points and connecting with your audience. This episode is for anyone looking to become better at speaking on stage or growing their business.

Topics we'll be covering:
1. How to find speaking gigs for the first time and working up from there [05:23]
2. Which matters more at the start: your speaking skills, or your topic? [08:39]
3. Priceless advice for first-time speakers [10:09]
4. Valuable tips to making sure you deliver well and connect with your audience [12:32]
5. How to prepare for and create your presentation [18:54]
6. Deciding on what to cover in your talk and the narrative you want to tell [21:41]
7. How can you hone your speaking skills? [24:19]
8. Things to do well on stage and speak like a pro [26:14]
9. Common mistakes speakers make when presenting [28:14]
10. Give yourself permission to suck [31:55]
About Our Guest
Charley Valher is a serial business owner and educator from Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his unique approach to building businesses via podcasting and developing companies in a way that creates more time and leverage for the business owner. Charley is also the host of The Business of Podcasting, a podcast that gives aspiring podcasters the nitty-gritty of the business.

Charley's personal website:
Valher Media on Facebook:
Valher Media on Youtube:
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