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What's the biggest difference between a Ford and a Ferrari?


No just kidding... It's the brand, the experience, and the story.
Join the Content Driven Business VIP club and learn how to easily and quickly create strategic content that makes you the Ferrari of your market (and leave your competitors in the dirt)
You know you should be making more content...
But where do you start and how?
You've heard it a million times before - content, content, content... But everytime you open up that blank document, turn on the camera or hit record for your podcast - your mind gets blanker than... than...well you know...? (get the joke? It's lame I know)

But join us in the Content Driven Business VIP Club and learn how to create great content quickly and easily to your business and leave competition in the dust...
What Others Have Said...
Your landing page template and copy worked amazingly!

We actually tested this against a copywriter from a world famous marketer - and just your template alone generated 3x more calls and email leads for the same spend!

Freaking epic man!

Theo Stavrou - Quick Evolve
We've sent the email campaign out about a week ago, and have completely sold out on the new boxes!

Chelsea Giacci - Uglybox (launching new/seasonal product)
I'm very surprised (in a good way) at how the emails have performed.

I wasn't sure if they would work or not, but decided to just trust the process and so far we've had a 70% open rate and more than 30% replies.

Stephen Earl - Acuity Capital
What DO YOU GET as a Content Driven Business VIP?
Tested, proven and best performing templates.
Get access to some of the best performing content pieces we've created for ourselves and for our clients.

Every single month we'll be sharing on new tested and proven template with you - whether it's email sequences, Facebook ads, sales videos or presentation decks.

Just download, customized to your business and get the results!
Training, content breakdowns and case studies.
Full training on how to use the monthly templates, why they work so well and where to make changes so they can work in your business as well/

Also, bonus training and case studies/breakdowns of how some of the fastest growing businesses are creating and leveraging content to keep ahead of the competition.
Reviews and Q&A
Monthly reviews and tips on contents created by members.

Also, have your questions about content (or even your content ideas) answered every single month in a live Q&A call.
All this, and more inside the exclusive members area...

Ready to join the Content Drive Business VIP club?
Brands we've worked with ...
Who is this for?
If you've ever stared at a blank document or re-record a video or podcast just about 1,000 times... Or if that piece of content(s) you know will help you to move ahead just keeps getting pushed back to "next week"....

The Content Driven Business VIP Club will help.

Our vision in creating this "club" is to help business owners, freelancers and marketers all around the world finally get on top their content and grow their income.

We'll help you do this by:

  • Giving you "plug and play" templates and scripts that will cut down your content production time by half.
  • Showing you the systems and processes used by the top content producing (and fast growth) businesses to produce stand out content with minimal work.
  • Revealing your "content accelerator" strategies, to get your content viewed, shared and acted upon.
  • ​Handing you our content superstar hiring process so you don't ever have to produce another piece of content (if you don't want to).
  • ​Taking you to the breaking down the best content produced by fast growth companies, so you can apply the same principles to your business.
Join the VIP club, and if you don't LOVE it within the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund!
Ready to upgrade your content marketing and join the VIP club?
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